Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The DCE Muzic Video..(Music)..

I remember that evening very well... two strangers came in akash's room where akash, varun(P.C) and me were already sitting.. they showed us a slide-show kinda thing on their laptop.. it was a collection of pictures of our college with a background song("rockstar" by Nickelback)..
Unaware of their coming proposal we didn't take their stuffs too seriously... Then one of them started.. Medhavin.. The shorter one with backbrushed hairs.. xplained what they wanted from us..their dream..
A song for the Music Video..
A video depicting "life at DCE".. We all were surprised at their proposal as the general notion was that "transit guys are boring".. but these boring guys thought of something worth..
Though unclear of the entire scene we agreed.. like served with hot rasugulaas..
The next day came Manu.. our transit representative.. come a fellow composer.. come a heavyweight academic champion..(P.C became a fan.. spot on).. He explained the whole story..bout that guy who comes to DCE and grows into a man in four years...
Then started the most fundoo job of penning the lyrics and giving tones.. i admit that we were a bit childish at first..
"ghar se hazaroon..meel door..

... batade mujhe raaste"..
and we're done with the first paragraph..
those random thoughts..those false acting to evoke emotions(for the right words).. the never ending search for fresh tunes.. everything seemed very special..we felt no lesser than the famous trio of
Mr Shanker, Mr. Ehsaan nd Mr. Loy.. and at the end of our first sitting the title was fixed..
"main college aa gaya hoon.."...

that was february 2nd 2007..
the days which followed saw us working very hard like it was our end sem exam.. the college lectures couldn't see us at all.. compiling the college life in four concrete paragraphs was not a child's play..(tho we still were vry childish).. bunking classes became a phenomenon.. returning late at night after practice and welcomed by Alind's annoyed face(coz i used to wake him up) was not a pleasant sight!!..
But we managed it..
And finally after a mere 15 days of (A.R) Rehmaning ourselves, we were ready to give our child the fist take(studio)..
Manu went online.. and we came to know about Soundgardens at Greater Kailash..

Mr. Rahul opened his gates and for the first time we stepped inside a fully featured recording studio.. Ghossh!!.. It was like.. leave a foolish person inside an ATM just to enjoy the A.C and the way he behaves...
we surrendered ourselves to the sound engineer for the entire day.. It took a little more than 12 hours to give the .mp3 format to whatever we created..
and after the CD was handed to us titled
"...main college aa gaya hoon...
by Maksang"..(That's our name..Manu+Akash+Gang).. told ya we're childish..
an unusual feeling passed our nerves.. the joy of creation.. the joy of achieving something.. not for your own's good but for the rest...
i remember manu nd me singing "hum kiss gali jaah rahe hain" our highest voice..while returning.. in the streets of Greater Kailash and the local guards giving us a dirty look..(we woke them up!!)..
Then one fine day the video was released... during our "engifest 2007"..
(the creators)..
I'll neva forget those days of second semester..
thank u all..
(i was too long i guess)..
(the crowd at the launch event)!!.. OAT Full..

and here is your chance to watch the video..(4 free)..
hav fun!!..


AneX said...

hey rookie blogger gangeyyo...
...nice blog..!!
....its lyk a nice "behind d scenes" of d gr8 music video u guys made..
...bunking classes
...ruk beta tere prof ko yeh blog padhate hai..lets c wat comment he writes then..he he ws not long..infact tu aur details deta to it wud hv been even more nicer ..lyk woh metrowalk k escalator ko metro dikhaane waala baat n all those little things u keep borin us wid..LOLz..(kiddin..!!.).
....but a great beginning ..hope u keep writing lyk dis.

PS-nd ya dude dat music video ws totally awsum..!!

AneX said...

and ya as per d rules of the firstt person to write a comment on a new blog gets treated to an ice-cream bi the blog writer..treat diyo be..!!..:P

Gangeyyo said...

yeah... ur treat and ur proposed addition to the blog will be soon out..

indranil said...

baah khub bhalo laglo abhi
aro kichu chobi dile besh lively lagto
toder bari, aro hostel pics dis to

Hiral Trivedi said...

The first post eh, I have read every single post(starting from 2012) and man, you have grown.
The style, the feel, the intensity - you have entirely reached a new level. Kudos.

In office, can't access youtube. But the first thing after reaching home is to hear the song.