Friday, July 04, 2008


I don't remember the exact date... But it was in the month of may'06.. WBJEE was faced, coming up was DCE's CEE.. this story is bout a notoriously hot and irritatingly humid night.. I haven't disclosed this before.. neither to my friends (to avoid gettin bugged) nor parents (to avoid bugging them)..

so.. lemme explain the scene.. as i said it was super hot.. withstanding delhi summers is far more difficult than doing a nude rampwalk.. it's anything but comfortable.. it's a time when even your vests seem to be xtra clothing.. when the volume of water comin out of our pores is more than what goes in thru ur mouth.. without deviating more, lemme come to the point..

there i was.. sittin in front of the mighty table lamp (which lit my entire room).. the old philips radio playing songs of kishore kumar.. the cooler and the fan were busy in their "jugalbandi".. and yess.. the open math book by mr. suraj, inviting me to turn it's page (whn u r stuck in a problem nd it takes time.. even the book gets bored).. though my parents made all efforts to cool my 'hot' body.. but challenging all their endeavours, i was sweating like a pig.. they could easily have featured me in the advertisement of Voltas air conditioners..(suffering like him??.. use Voltas).. those days of preparations require a special mention.. in a special blog.. IITJEE was a mishap.. aiEEE was disaster... IP was unfaithful.. so doing well in DCE's CEE was time's call..(in which i flunked again).. but still.. finishing another round of drying myself with the poor 'rumaal'..(which was already wet).. i looked at my latest attempt to solve that monster of the problem.. as if some faiy wud come out of those solutions and guide me through... seriusly.. sometimes i wonder.. i will wake up someday.. and I'll get a pencil..a pencil which writes only correct things.. i just have to put my hand over it and show it the problem to be solved.. it will then write the correct solution on it's own.. aah these sweet dreams often get broken by my mom's shout to wake up..

but here i was not asleep.. i browsed my solution for a probable mistake for the last time and just as i turned the page to venture into another monster.. the light went off.. Ghaziabad Development Authority is most punctual in theses things i guess.. they shut the supply lines at twelve in the night.. they don't miss even single a chance to harass.. their punctuality is so worth that people here adjust thier watches with their timings of power cuts..(I mean if the light goes off in the night, ppl will adjust their watches to 12pm).. and you tend to forget about all the power shortages.. nd energy crisis.. nd everything else when it goes off.. the first thing u do is.. curse them.. coming back..

I sat there like a still body.. The operator lives in 14th floor.. he gets down and then switches on the generator.. so it takes time..( for which he neva escapes the slangs thrown silently)..

no movement.. no sound.. The room was alive till then.. there was this cooler-fan combo rhythm.. there was kishoreda.. there were vehichles in the bus adda which sounded like chirping birds.. but now... it was all silent.. no light.. no ears.. it was like two of my sense organs were not functioning.. I got off from the chair.. went to the balcony.. The Ganga apartment was like a dark mountain.. their guard didn't swich on their generator either.. i searched for the moon in the sky.. but it was nowhere to be seen.. The beautiful view from my balcony..seemed scary that night.. i felt uncomfortable inside and decided to come back in the room..

As i reached the balcony door, the strangest of feelings passed my nerves.. it seemed like something.. or somebody,.. was blocking my way inside the room.. it stood itself just at the entrance.. like a child who gets haunted by the "aahat" episodes, i shoot my hands in the air(probably to get it/him/her out of my way).. nd almost ran my way in..

huffing.. nd ctching my breath back..( dunno why..) i sat on my chair.. it was crazy.. it's only then that i realised that no sound was coming from the usually noisy bus adda.. it was completely dumb.. i didn't want to go to the window to check that out.. a howling moan from somewhere very far.. dogs crying.. evrything was like trying to scare my a** off.. my throat was dry.. but there was no water left in the bottle.. so i decided to walk to the kitchen to refill that.. it takes few steps to reach kitchen from my room.. and i cud hve walked that journey evn in no light.. but still quite surprisingly rather spookyly.. i struck against a wall.. this petrified me to the deepest bone.. i crawled my my way back and equipped myself with the lone weapon I had.. (every brahmin kid has).. i grabbed my sacred thread in my wrist.. and started chanting the gayatri mantra closing my eyes though it didn't make any difference as it was xtreme dark..(yeah.. i was downright religious too)..

After a few minutes my ears responded to some familiar sound.. the cooler and fan resumed their beats.. kishore kumar was succeeded by rang de basanti.. as I opened my eyes, the table lamp greeted me to light.. which I was dying to see.. Without moving a single piece, without producing the faintest frequency, I succumbed to my bed.. i remember i didn't even turn off the lamp.. the poor peice glowed the whole night.. mr. suraj had to see that same page for the entire night..

the morning came unnoticed.. as i woke up the next day, went to the balcony.. the beautiful view of the east delhi roof calmed me down.. there was the same old noisy buss adda.. I neva cursed it's noise after that night..

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Puro chap kheye chapati hoye gechili toh...kaku kakima janle soja doctor khanai niye jeto.