Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Love!!..

it was around 2:15 in the night... our tired voices had given up.. enjoying the zephyr on my room balcony i said..
"I've written a poem.. on my first love.."
"waoww... why didn't you tell me before??.."
I was glad that this issue had recuperated her from the sleepy mode..
"sunaun kya??.." though i knew the answer, i asked..
"what are you waiting for??.. please sunao.." she had indeed recovered..
so i started unfolding that piece of paper which i had kept in my wallet..
There was a boy...only six years old
Two front tooth gone... so sweetly!!..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly..

Her smile so pure.. her look so fresh.
He wondered.. "is this an angel??"..
Her green eyes shone.. like two polished pearls..
This was the feeling.. He never felt..

He shared his lunch.. he shared his books..
Just begged.. for a sweet little smile..
Wanted to shout.. but didn't have the guts..
"O girl.. You are mine..!!.."

They grew older.. day by day..
same happened.. to his feelings..
Perfumes, Deos, Hair gels..
Tried everything to do a stealing..

Somewhere down there.. she also likes me...
That's.. the only hope he had..
Always in some act.. to impress her..
Friends... called him a mad!!..

Marking the days.. she had talked to him..
"she laughed".. "she sat beside".. even those too..
Though his feelings.. were to their fullest..
Neva spoke.. a word or two..

One thing.. he never ever noticed..
There were many others... who liked her..
She picked one up... from all those stars..
His angel.. With some other master??..

He cried a lott.. no tears in his eyes..
He still wore.. the mask of laughter..
Pulled himself away... from the girl 'o dreams..
But never tried.. to tell her..

Now he sits.. in a whole new world..
She own his "first love" credit...silly??..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class..
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly!!..

"aahh.. she is a lucky girl.." was her first comment..

Anyways.. You guys..
We all fall in love.. rather rise in love.. I admit, in my school days, falling in love was like a process with a constant time period... Had a new crush every week.. Once i started thinking seriously,,
Bang!!.. there came another girl..
ell my tryst with girls was never too good.. But the first one.. the one with whom i started off this journey.. the journey of crushes.. needs a special mention.. Partly because she has taught me to loose.. loosing something precious.. (which has made me stronger)..
And partly because.. somewhere in the mines of my
heart, i still adore her as i used to..
is one's for you DEAR..


AneX said...

hey u blogged ur poem
...arey tell u wat i ws abt 2 tell u 2 blog it yestrday..n here it is today...LoLz..
...though i had read it b4 still found it 2 b a nice poem..especially bcoz u r so attached to it..
..."rise in love"...luvd dis lyn..!!..
....good gangee..!!..keep goin..!!..
...and ab mera fundaa...when u try to win something,be it anything(a girl,a rank, , competition,a prize,a girl),and u burn urself lyk mad in d process,in ur endeavour u end turnin in2 a stronger n much more awsum person, and if u r able to achieve dis , even if u dont get to d goal u so passionately desired,even if u r unable to emerge out from d sea of all hardships n adversities wid d cup of victory in ur mouth, then it is not ur loss buddy,so dont cry cos despite lossin d game it ws a loss for d goddess of victory dat she was unable 2 b wid someone so awsum rather than it beeing d other way around...LoLz nw dis is long..he he

Gangeyyo said...

hmmm.. nice thought.. i knew that a girl was vry important to u.. and here u are..(mentioned it twice).. hehe..
anywayz.. liked ur comment dude..
and no harm in being long.. we are champion chatters aren't we??..

Divya said...

i am not goin to be philosophical in expressing my views on your will be straight out o my's well written.....i didn't know u could write so seriously i didnt knew tera crush har week badalta hai..this has really hit me hard.i am surprised n can sing, u can play guitaar so well,u can write so well............phir tu pathar ,cement (engg) mein kya karne chala gaya???????
Do think abt it buddy......

Gangeyyo said...

hmm.. yeh duniya bada kathin hai mere dost.. yahan civil engineer ko bhi guitar bajana aana chahiye..
he he..
well thats the best xplanation i cud give..
jokes apart..
evn u know why i took civil engg.. rather engineering.. doncha??..
so be it!!..
thnxx for the compliment anyways!!..

Katie Clapp said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Terri was a pretty awesome teacher. I like your poems and such, but if you paint you should post those, too! Unless you did and I missed them, oops, anyways, keep up the good work.

Gangeyyo said...

@kate.. thnx 4 the comment..
my works with the paintbrush are difficult to upload..coz they are basically on cotton canvas..

Prosit Ghosh said...

Lover Boy naam ta ekhane likhbo naki ? well i guess i know your first love...

Anonymous said... that's a surprise. I always knew that you can write well but even a poem!!!..I had least expected it...I must is beautifully written and well expressed...I liked it very much...and she (whoever she is) is very lucky because you have not only expressed your feelings but also written a poem...I don't think many can do that..but I really agree with your should not have been an "engineer"...u deserve something much adventurous than surprise me with each of your post...:)

Hiral Trivedi said...

Perfect portrayal of innocence. :)