Friday, June 27, 2008


hey friends..
this world is a strange place to live in..
our desire to get more than what we've got has made us a master of all the species around...
so it's our goal to achieve more for the betterment of all..
so here goes this one right from my Grey matter to charge you up..(hope it does)...

..gang says,

"always remember... Even if you raise a 1000 storey building.. u can't avoid the fact that it's roof is the floor of the 1001st storey.."..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An eye Opener!!..

my summer training at the arthala construction site has reached it's final stage.. with only 3-4 days of minor work left, it's more like attending college lectures just for the sake of attendance..

but today a strange thing happened...

As my stay at the site was going to be short-lived, I wanted to explore every inch of it... Those places which I had never paddled as they had nothing to do with my project were like calling me at my every glance..Frankly I couldn't suppress my yen to visit them..

So when the site engineer asked me to take the day's final stroll around the site, i straightaway headed towards the carpentry area..

Huge blocks of wood were cut along their cleavage by the muscular blows, and later hammered to plates of ply.. but my interest lied ahead..

"jhuggis"-- the dwelling places of masons, laymen, workers had always caught my attention.. I always wondered where do they live.. those who erect handsome multi-storeyed lairs for all of us.. where and how do they live..??..
the answer lied a few steps away...

I saw the open gates of their "house".. and i couldn't control myself to enter into one of them.. clueless of what I was going to see inside..

There was a bed..(charpayi).. over it was sitting a middle aged man.. with a plastered right foot.. There was a child (or should I say a newborn) sleeping on his lap.. On the ground there were two more babies.. with a plate in front of them(empty).. Their mother was sitting nxt to them with another plate(not empty).. She landed a tight slap on one of those babies (the girl).. which was perhaps what she got when she asked for another roti.. she started crying.. her only statement of protest against her mother’s bash.. All these happened in a glimpse of an eye.. As I stood at their gate blocking the sunshine (the only source of light to the room) everyone looked at me.. The mother became a bit conscious (rather irritated) at the sudden advent of a foreigner.. The girl didn’t stop.. The man sitting on the bed tried to get up placing the baby aside (he mistook me for a site engineer).. I signaled him to sit down..

His name was Raghu.. while working on the B block on a rainy day, Raghu slipped off the scaffolding and broke his right leg.. Doctors had advised a bed rest for 6-months.. but in the hunt for food, he joined the work after 2 weeks.. only to injure his mighty right foot once again.. Now the doctors say that if he hurts that again, the leg has to be removed… which means that the only source of income of the family will get blocked (jst like I blocked their door)..

Raghu paused at the cry of his daughter..(poor girl, got another slap I guess..) his eyes were moist.. it’s only then that I realized that how much more painful were his tiny tear drops to his daughter’s loud cry..
He used to work 12 hours a day on the site.. and was paid Rs.70 each day.. with which he afforded three children.. Hoping that they will soon grow up and support the family.. and one day he’ll leave this jhuggi and settle somewhere outside.. outside this site area, where he’ll breathe fresh air every morning before going out to work..
“Lekin abhi kya karein saab??”..(but what will I do now??)..
“Inko fainkh bhi toh nahi sakte”..(I can’t throw them out)..
his innocent eyes full of grief against his own fate had engrossed me..

I was listening to his plans, his past life, his association with the “thekedaar” like I was listening to a story.. And I think that even he enjoyed having a patient listener beside..

I stood up as the phone rang..

It was Ma..
She enquired whether I had taken my lunch properly or not..
After answering to all her worries, I looked at the watch..
It showed 5:25.. (25 minutes over time!!)..
As I waved good bye to Raghu and his family, I saw his girl splashing water to her brother outside their jhuggi.. Her laughter filled the air outside.. I was glad to see her happy face..
As I counted my steps back to the exit gate, I recollected today’s breakfast when I threw a parantha away to save time.. a little peep into their open gate brought me face to face with one of the hardest truth.. and it was as draconian as the merciless hammer blow which penetrated the nail deep inside the smooth surface of wood..
After narrating the story to ma after my return, she said a simple sentence which summed up the events in a salutary fashion,

“chalo.. m assured that you’re learning something good out there..!!..”

I worked over time indeed!!..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Love!!..

it was around 2:15 in the night... our tired voices had given up.. enjoying the zephyr on my room balcony i said..
"I've written a poem.. on my first love.."
"waoww... why didn't you tell me before??.."
I was glad that this issue had recuperated her from the sleepy mode..
"sunaun kya??.." though i knew the answer, i asked..
"what are you waiting for??.. please sunao.." she had indeed recovered..
so i started unfolding that piece of paper which i had kept in my wallet..
There was a boy...only six years old
Two front tooth gone... so sweetly!!..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly..

Her smile so pure.. her look so fresh.
He wondered.. "is this an angel??"..
Her green eyes shone.. like two polished pearls..
This was the feeling.. He never felt..

He shared his lunch.. he shared his books..
Just begged.. for a sweet little smile..
Wanted to shout.. but didn't have the guts..
"O girl.. You are mine..!!.."

They grew older.. day by day..
same happened.. to his feelings..
Perfumes, Deos, Hair gels..
Tried everything to do a stealing..

Somewhere down there.. she also likes me...
That's.. the only hope he had..
Always in some act.. to impress her..
Friends... called him a mad!!..

Marking the days.. she had talked to him..
"she laughed".. "she sat beside".. even those too..
Though his feelings.. were to their fullest..
Neva spoke.. a word or two..

One thing.. he never ever noticed..
There were many others... who liked her..
She picked one up... from all those stars..
His angel.. With some other master??..

He cried a lott.. no tears in his eyes..
He still wore.. the mask of laughter..
Pulled himself away... from the girl 'o dreams..
But never tried.. to tell her..

Now he sits.. in a whole new world..
She own his "first love" credit...silly??..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class..
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly!!..

"aahh.. she is a lucky girl.." was her first comment..

Anyways.. You guys..
We all fall in love.. rather rise in love.. I admit, in my school days, falling in love was like a process with a constant time period... Had a new crush every week.. Once i started thinking seriously,,
Bang!!.. there came another girl..
ell my tryst with girls was never too good.. But the first one.. the one with whom i started off this journey.. the journey of crushes.. needs a special mention.. Partly because she has taught me to loose.. loosing something precious.. (which has made me stronger)..
And partly because.. somewhere in the mines of my
heart, i still adore her as i used to..
is one's for you DEAR..

The DCE Muzic Video..(Music)..

I remember that evening very well... two strangers came in akash's room where akash, varun(P.C) and me were already sitting.. they showed us a slide-show kinda thing on their laptop.. it was a collection of pictures of our college with a background song("rockstar" by Nickelback)..
Unaware of their coming proposal we didn't take their stuffs too seriously... Then one of them started.. Medhavin.. The shorter one with backbrushed hairs.. xplained what they wanted from us..their dream..
A song for the Music Video..
A video depicting "life at DCE".. We all were surprised at their proposal as the general notion was that "transit guys are boring".. but these boring guys thought of something worth..
Though unclear of the entire scene we agreed.. like served with hot rasugulaas..
The next day came Manu.. our transit representative.. come a fellow composer.. come a heavyweight academic champion..(P.C became a fan.. spot on).. He explained the whole story..bout that guy who comes to DCE and grows into a man in four years...
Then started the most fundoo job of penning the lyrics and giving tones.. i admit that we were a bit childish at first..
"ghar se hazaroon..meel door..

... batade mujhe raaste"..
and we're done with the first paragraph..
those random thoughts..those false acting to evoke emotions(for the right words).. the never ending search for fresh tunes.. everything seemed very special..we felt no lesser than the famous trio of
Mr Shanker, Mr. Ehsaan nd Mr. Loy.. and at the end of our first sitting the title was fixed..
"main college aa gaya hoon.."...

that was february 2nd 2007..
the days which followed saw us working very hard like it was our end sem exam.. the college lectures couldn't see us at all.. compiling the college life in four concrete paragraphs was not a child's play..(tho we still were vry childish).. bunking classes became a phenomenon.. returning late at night after practice and welcomed by Alind's annoyed face(coz i used to wake him up) was not a pleasant sight!!..
But we managed it..
And finally after a mere 15 days of (A.R) Rehmaning ourselves, we were ready to give our child the fist take(studio)..
Manu went online.. and we came to know about Soundgardens at Greater Kailash..

Mr. Rahul opened his gates and for the first time we stepped inside a fully featured recording studio.. Ghossh!!.. It was like.. leave a foolish person inside an ATM just to enjoy the A.C and the way he behaves...
we surrendered ourselves to the sound engineer for the entire day.. It took a little more than 12 hours to give the .mp3 format to whatever we created..
and after the CD was handed to us titled
"...main college aa gaya hoon...
by Maksang"..(That's our name..Manu+Akash+Gang).. told ya we're childish..
an unusual feeling passed our nerves.. the joy of creation.. the joy of achieving something.. not for your own's good but for the rest...
i remember manu nd me singing "hum kiss gali jaah rahe hain" our highest voice..while returning.. in the streets of Greater Kailash and the local guards giving us a dirty look..(we woke them up!!)..
Then one fine day the video was released... during our "engifest 2007"..
(the creators)..
I'll neva forget those days of second semester..
thank u all..
(i was too long i guess)..
(the crowd at the launch event)!!.. OAT Full..

and here is your chance to watch the video..(4 free)..
hav fun!!..