Monday, December 22, 2008

Survey Camp 2008-09--- The Curtain Raiser

Long ago, in the shadows of time, it was felt that the study of civil engineering was incomplete if the students were devoid of Mountains.. yes.. the mighty mountains.. People realized that it is must to practice civil engineering at a site, posed with maximum threats.. at a site, where the construction is most challenging.. at a site, where an engineer has to count on the limited available options and exercise them fully to serve the purpose.. the real-time engineering..
well then.. answering to this very cause, like every year, Delhi College of Engineering has organized the Survey Camp for it's third year batch of Civil Engineering, from 26th December 2008 to 4th January 2009.. some of the important information about the tour are as follows...
  1. The venue of the Survey Camp has been fixed at Swami Ram Tirth ashram, Rajpur, Dehradun.
  2. The buses(two nos.) for Dehradun will leave the college at 9:30PM on 26th December,2008.
  3. Students must report in the Department of Civil Engineering, DCE, by 7:00PM on 26th December 2008.
  4. Dinner for students on 26th December, must be arranged by the students themselves, and not by the management.
  5. Students will be provided separate rooms where 3-4 students can accommodate.
  6. The bedding will be provided by the management. But the students are advised to carry their own Bed Sheets and Shawls.
  7. The aim of the Surveying project to be completed during the camp is, "To draw a topographic map of the given area".
The following is the day-wise schedule(*subject to change):

27th Dec,2008: Reaching ashram and accomodation. Site inspection.
28th Dec,2008: Surveying Work, Day-I.
29th Dec,2008: Educational tour to Chibro Hydroelectric project, Ichari.
30th Dec,2008: Educational tour to Tehri Hydroelectric Project.
31st Dec, 2008: Visit to Mussoorie and Dhanaulti.
1st Jan, 2009 : Surveying Work, Day-II.
2nd Jan,2009 : Surveying Work, Day-III.
3rd Jan,2009 : Surveying Work, Day-IV and Camp Fire in the night.
4th Jan, 2009 : Educational visit to IIT-Roorkee and return to DCE.

***The buses for the educational tour will leave from the ashram in the morning, and will return to the ashram in the same night.

***Students must report in the ashram, within a fixed time every night, else stern actions will be taken against him/her.

***Regular attendance will be recorded and anyone found absent will be seriously dealt with.

***If anyone involves in any kind of nuisance within the ashram, he/she will be sent back.

***Students will be divided into 9 groups and each group will be headed by a group leader. The group leader will be answerable to the coordinators about all their group activities.

***Work will be divided amongst the groups and a check will be kept by the coordinator.

***The marking will not be done solely on the basis of the Surveying work, but also on the basis of the involvement of the students in their respective group activity.

*** Cigarette and alcohol consumption during the tour will be dealt very sternly. Students are advised to stay away, as this may lead to severe damages to the marks they obtain in the 2-credit subject.

***We shall always remember that... this is not an outing, or just another fun-filled tour with our friends. We will carry the reputation of the college on our shoulders and we will be representing the shine that Delhi College of Engineering has earned over the years. So realization of this very fact will help us to behave in the correct manner. Special arrangements will be provided for the fun but fun should not never be mixed with chaos and mayhem.

***Wishing you all the very best and hoping that the tour succeeds to become a memorable hearty experience, this is Gangeyyo signing off...


Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's play a game..!!.. anyone game for a Game??..

The days of super-duper-nothings are fleeting so very fast.. What m I doing??.. It’s already been 15 days into the holidays.. half the month gone??.. 

“The five o’clock shadow over my face, makes me feel, that I’m having one over an eight..”..

whoa.. what was that??..

the drivers of my building are playing cricket..

cricket??.. at 9:15PM, they are playing cricket??..

ohh ya, today India beat England..

they must be celebrating the much unlikely victory..

but why are they making such a noise.. shall I go out to join them??. Or Shall I tell the guard to bash ‘em up?..


leave them yaa.. lucky drivers.. they are the only ones in the ononion-colony who are having fun..

 my fellow engineering friends are having exams..(why don’t all these colleges have a common exam??.. like the same old entrances??..)..

the DU ones always look busy..

and I don’t get any fun playing with school kids..

once I did..

but it was like Andrew Flintoff playing against Robin Singh..

Only play.. no talks.. never talk..

I guess it’s my inability afterall..

Perhaps, I now belong to the exclusive category of word-f***ers of CVR hostel..

(the ones who are delving into research papers these days.. their own way of having fun.. he he..)..

how can school kids contest that echelon??..

how can I even expect??..


Don’t go out..

Pre-eminent preference..   


In my pursuit of finding out innovative ideas to slaughter time(sittin at home), I came crossways to this scheme while remarking on one of my friend’s blog.. here is it..



  U must have seen some letters which ‘they’ always ask you to enter before your comment is posted.. You’ll know, if you have ever commented on a post.. and if u aren’t blind( I came to know that yahoo came up with this proposal of letter verification for the first time..).. so the task for you is..

Type those letters and rearrange them to form a meaningful word.. if u cant, then it will be a challenge for others to soothe it.. lets see how it goes.. if we mount up many words, we can even join them to form a sentence..

Who knows, perhaps you can decode some precious secured piece information.. haah..

Hope everyone lives up to my expectation.. and play it judicially.. (nd hope m not the only commenter)..


PS: khanna.. your post was really nice… m reading it for the third time.. ppl who reach here, are advised to read “common room” as well. You can get the link from the comment “ritesh khanna” posts..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Eating is one of my most loved pass-times.. I eat merely to keep food out of my mind.. I get amused by seeing mothers running after their food-phobic kids, holding the baton of glass-full of milk.. and their nasty kids finding all the joy in the world to see the PT Usha in their mothers.. Perhaps because with me, the case has always been different or opposite.. My mom, never ever had to plead me to get something inside my mouth… I was born-efficient (at least in the ingestion department)… Cockroaches.. Wall lizard shits.. matchsticks.. candles.. merely everything I could see,(and hold) was eatable by my standards... I loved diversity, and I suffered a great deal for this habit of mine..

Being bought up in a traditional Bengali family (that too a “bangal”) I have always believed in the “life-in-the-lap-of-the-cook.. not god” phenomenon.. my taste buds have been efficiently looked after by the fantastic cook in my mother.. I appreciate food and I love eating(both quality and quantity)… back there in Bengal, whenever there used to be a marriage ceremony, people used to challenge each other on the amount they can fill.. chicken, rasogolla, luchi, were some of the easily edible items.. (my record??.. 17 rasogollas.. no wonder the Bengalis are the worst sufferers of all gastric ailments).. I have seen people gulp 47 pieces of rasogolla.. just to win a challenge.. (later the guy had to be hospitalized).. anyways.. life without good food is guitar without the 3rd string..

So folks.. here goes one of the recipes for all you rookie cooks.. I invented this thing 2 years ago and as my work has been appreciated by many across the (.. umm..mmmm.. ) family, I feel proud to share this..

take some freshly cut, colorful, good looking vegetables like carrot, onion, capsicum, beans, peas, cauliflower etcetera(avoid smelly ones like radish) .. half- fry them in mild flame.. then take them out and half-fry fresh neatly(and regularly) cut paneer.. now mix the half-fried vegetables and half-fry paneer..( hence making the combination full-fried.. ha!)..
now add suitable amount of salt.. and no other spices.. after agitating the mixture for 2 more minutes, pour enough milk.. add a little bit of sugar.. then leave the cooker closed for 10-15 minutes on medium flame..

after opening the lid, you can allow your nostrils to smell the wonderful aroma of whatever you’ve done till now… pat your own shoulders or ask someone else to do it.. transfer the mass onto a white colored bowel, and put a piece of butter over it and watch it melt down.. oh yeah!!..
you can even add coriander leaves to decorate the preparation..
believe me..
if you want to kill time, and you have a knack of trying new things, the kitchen provides a perfect base to your researches.. where you can per-mutate and combine-eat a world of things(edible) to produce something of your own.. something out of the ordinary..
you’ll get a high..

PS: I still don't believe that m actually posting a recipe.. ohh... no wonder m trying sooo hard to take my blog to every possible avenues..
and yess.. do suggest a suitable, colorful and tasty title for the dish..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

.. The Cat and the Chinti(hindi)...

Of lately, I’ve urbanized this peculiar knack of running after alienated English lexis… words that are infrequently worn in the tongue.. words that abide by no important meaning.. “I think it’s hereditary my son!!..” my father replied after I unveiled this bizarre yearn to him.. was he laughing??.. was he serious??.. whateva..

somewhat right... as an prying kid, I was often bemused at my father’s routine to enlist new English words.. I thought this was done to publish the “Sudhir’s Pocket Dictionary” which could hit the market anytime.. but that never ensued.. In class XIth, my father passed on that legacy.. that chronicle of words to me.. but within a few days of the dutiful ritual of “a-word-a-day”, I gave up.. Perhaps my wits preferred gambling into works by Mr. Issac Newton more than that of my own father.. But a few days back, my proclivity towards this new-words obsession, rewarded me with the following cited snippet.. which I found, was brilliant.. so thought of sharing this with my lingo-savvy fry-ends… m sure you’ll like this if you haven’t come across this earlier…

“I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness.”

I will be happy if you figure out the avalanche behind this sentence yourself..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Ordinary...

No.. I couldn't let this happen.. A month's exile from the blogger ville??.. No words to put up??. Nothing to write??.. How can this happen??.. the updates of my favorite blogs were ringing like door bells.. propelling random thoughts.. sequentializing special events. but how can anyone write when he is left at the mercy of Jiyoh-Technical Engineering?.. or the anal-threatening "Anal-ysis of Structures"??.. enough of the same old cry..

Every time I put together some rhyming words and connect them in a meaningful way, and end it with a proud signature followed by the date..and imagine like 200 years from now teachers in higher secondary schools will elaborate the thoughts behind the thoughtful poem to horrified students who'll find it so hard to judge the real meaning, I feel as elated as Yeats must have been after reciting his own love-poem to the person for which it was written.. like this is the best poem ever written on a piece of leaf.. I called people up to grant them the honour of being the first listener.. and when my ears got no negative airs, i thought to put this one up.. silly strategy..
hope u have enough patience to reach the end..
(M sure the Khannas and the Shekhars won't... ).
so here it goes..
so add some feel, you can gently pluck E-minor.. followed by D-major.. and repeat them..


Dreams flying high... may they live forever
If I've done something good.. It's better late than never...
If I do a mistake.. I'll have no strains to say Sorry..
I just want to be.. So Ordinary..

Laughing out loud.. just to make you feel good..
Sharing your tears.. If only I could..
I understand thorns come up & life's not so flowery..
I just want to be.. So ordinary..

Just a little smile.. It won't cost me a thing..
But it should be even costlier than a big Diamond ring..
Being nice to people.. a warm hand shake..
And I'll always learn from my past mistakes..
Life will be so Good.. Life will be so Merry..
I just want to be so ordinary..

applauseeeee.. he he..

i'll be back..
I'll be front..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

If courage is 10, the art to escape is 9.. or 9.5..

Earlier I used to feel very bad when people overlooked to wish me on my birthday.. It felt as if I am no more than an amoeba to them.. I remember, I used to call people up the very next day, and throw them some cruel words.. so that they don’t forget to wish me the next year.. (starving for attention you see.. as I always am).. but things change… as they always do..

Date: 15th October
Time: 7:47 PM

On my way back from the Madhurima room, I was wondering life would have been so good if today was 17th Oct.. or if all of them forget my birthday.. or if I’m not going back to the hostel.. the gist of ship smoke on the horizon was changing colors with the beats of the thumping guitar on my back.. just then,
“Gangu beta… only four hours to go...!!”
It was Medhavin… Medhavin??.. Even Medhavin plans to kick??.. Gloomier…
“Somebody’s gotta get hurt real bad...” confirmed Sharad Sir.. hard to tell whether it was sympathy or a jest..
Well.. whatever that was.. this gave an ignition to THE PLAN…

Time: 8:00 PM

The unusually empty(..of 2K6/CE) hostel corridors seemed very appropriate.. Where will they search??.. Where won’t they??.. How far can I go??.. How far can they trace??.. I found out all the possible answers using my past mistakes and my knowledge of mate-psychology.. (Read: Ritesh Khanna).. It was working..

Time: 8:30 PM

I locked my room from outside.. Nowhere to be seen for next 12 hours.. he ha ha ha..
No less than an escape from the Alcataraz..

Well.. when you make a plan, and incase it thrives to serve the purpose, there’s no harm in revealing it.. Even if it’s a super-secretive effort.. People after you should get the benefit of your findings..
Thanks to the low-height hostel balconies, it’s always easy to move from one room to another.. I jumped into arup’s room and then into mine after making sure no one was passing through the corridor to watch my maneuvers… So here I was.. inside my room, which was locked from the exterior with no-one in the planet having the awareness of it’s inner presence… The next three hours I surrendered my time to his Excellency Mr. Howard Roark… During this time the mobile was silent.. I didn’t pick up any call (to prevent sound).. I messaged people bout my ill health and my running away to home... They believed my words after a thorough enquiry from abuhasam..
The clock struck twelve.. I started answering the calls.. I had to measure my words if someone from the hostel called up to wish.. Outsiders were given a chance to appreciate my super-plan..(which I named “Escapade”.).
At about 2 o’clock, after answering my well wishes (thnx to the harsh words thrown last year).. I emptied my second water bottle.. It felt nice… Nice to escape kicks from 40 odd people for about 40 even minutes.. (last years record).. Nice to save my tired muscles from the semi-merciless shots… and nice to talk to so many good old friends over the phone in such a short time.. as I switched off the light, there was a silent pat on the back,
“Happy Birthday Gangeyyo..!!..”

Friday, October 03, 2008

She's Here..!!

Human beings chameleon-ize themselves better than any other creatures around… adjustment is like in our blood along with RBCs and WBCs…
Back in Kolkata, the month of October was the most coveted month… I used to linger for these days the whole year.. wandering in the jam-packed lanes, elucidated with arty light works with my brothers and sisters, stopping at every fast-food joint to have another round of “Fuchkas”(that’s what we call paanipuri).. appreciating the bravura of Pandals and the flamboyant Pratimas(idols) and whatnot, the hours passed unseen.. flouting the challenges posed by the drawn out holiday homework, I used to get imbued.
in the entire holy atmosphere..
The times have changed.. I’ve been planted to such a place where it’s not only difficult to find a Puja Pandal but even thorny to sense the ambiance.. But still.. The advent of Durga Puja takes me to a higher state.. I still feel the ting in my nerves when I think of it.. Perhaps that’s the reason why m able to stay happy even after knowing that I’ll have to attend regular classes.. perhaps I’ve attuned myself.. Perhaps not..
Well.. as this is going nowhere.. Lemme end this with the purpose of starting it..


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Facing exams was never this easy..(only if I think of it now..).. Gone are those drill days, when citizens around used to worry bout the syllabus one-month before the exam.. and now??.. Somebody roused me up even at 6:30 in the cock-crow to inquire the syllabus of the exam we had that day.. well.. these changes haven’t been much hazardous though.. but my facade one week before exposed stress.. downright stress.. well, let’s come to the phenomenon now..

About 2-3 weeks before, when Proff Trivedi and we were sailing through the anxieties of an ill-fated retaining wall, (ya ya.. I was listening.. ) somewhere, he goaded a glint of curiosity.. I decided to go through the chapter myself.. So after our post-dinner-promenade, I decided to unlock the holy book and devote one prized hour.. Quiet calculatedly I fixed the show timing of “If-Only” at 10.. so that I could stay free in that one hour.. Hard-hitting ardor u see.. well..
quiet blatantly I accept, that often I question myself.. “am I worthy enough to study in DCE??.. if yess,, then for what god-damn reason, is this meager item snubbing to affect my brain cells??”.. That day was no exception.. at the end of the taxing session, I was only able to engulf the name of the person who designed the killer-idea.. Mr. Rankine..( and they say I, I have a strange name??..huh??..).. well the time was partly spent on imagining Jennifer Love Hewitt,, on the pathetic “bhej” they served that night.. on DT.. and whatnot.. I closed the book and decided to un-dam the ocean of doubts to the Proff the next day…( I didn’t do that..) Now, the dark before the appalling Geotechnical Exam, I was just circumventing the summit with Mr. Rankine once again… But to my utter astonishment, it got into my grey matter very unknowingly.. that too in the first reading.. It’s then that I realized the significance of the bamboo.. ( “the driving force” in good terms).. Had my blog been visited only by boys, I would have loved to describe the term more in details but I beg to stay brief...

and yes.. this partly explains the reason my blog went through an “agricultural” drought in the recent times though some parts of the country were getting flooded.. our hostels were playing upsetting games.. if there’s electricity, then there is no water… if there is water, there is no light.. if both are preset, there’s this bone-irritating noise of the.. (dunno what they call it..) floor plainer I mussay.. they just go on and on like busy-bees posing continual threats to the power of concentration.. Though the rains seemed convivial, but they acted more like Alzolam tablets.. inviting sleep.. which meant failure..
but I know.. this coming week.. I’m gonna miss this involvement,, and this pressure-cooker atmosphere.. I’ll miss the bamboo.. (End Sems are not very far away though.. oh how much I hate these ODD Sems..)..
and yess!!…Mr. Rankine didn’t feature in the question paper…

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Zany Turmoil..

Politics was never my cup of tea... Being outright apolitical, my mind seldom ventures into the classified avenues of this perilous game... Honeyed backstabs, unequaled coalitions, (and other such traits a political star must posses) is not my strong suit… And that is why I avoided their offer. (At least I tried to...)

When Alind, Akash, Abu, Khanna were discussing the impending CR (Class Representative) elections of our batch for this year, I didn’t even have the faintest of the ideas that they were about to recommend my name… rather the previous night I was laughing at one of my friends, when she was explaining the mayhem over the CR elections in her college… I could not figure out how people could fight over the post which generally prefers to stay unoccupied in our college… But by some divine co-incidence, I was the one whom my friends felt could race against Salonee( my contender)… So like a deferential friend, the next day I filled up the form and registered myself as the second sprinter from 3rd year civil engineering batch...

Thus began my election campaign.., (if u call it so)… Babbling remarks like,” arre yeh toh mass bunk nahi karwayega..” and “tujhse accha toh main hi bann jaaun…” started hitting my eardrum.. Some of them were indeed very happy at my decision and some were really not… I despised the fact that some were playing two roles… “There is no need to support me if you feel that I’m not apt for the job… But stop playing with words..”.. this was my reply to one of them… well the largest democracy of the World started showing true colors and I could very well sense it.. But the game was on.. I was in no mood to give up..

Salonee, my venerated colleague didn’t leave any stones unturned… I got to know that she had called people up to secure votes… On the other hand, I did nothing to convince people.. I tried hard to remain calm and behave like it was just another day… The entire week I was just myself and frankly I can say that the fear of loosing the elections didn’t bother me much… I tried to visor the tense look and I wanted people to vote by the virtue of my 2-year impression… Finally the day had arrived… It was 27th August, and there were 50 students present in the class when Kongan A.R called me up to deliver a speech “for two minutes”… this is what I remember I spoke….

“Hello class… you know me… This is supposed to be my first election campaign and I’m standing here in front of you to compete against my dear friend for the post of C.R…

All I can say is that.. m very lucky to get a batch like you.. a batch with ppl of all kinds.. From kidos like Abu to sagacious Arup Ghatak… From ppl like Ritesh Khanna (everyone laughs).. to those like Alind… It’s like a beautiful bunch of my favorite persons… and it will be my prime honor to serve you all as your representative..

Wishing her good luck, I would like to call Salonee to speak..

Thank you..”

Mannn.. I couldn’t believe that I had just spoken ill-equipped (though it took meager 40 seconds).. But I could see people listening to me (more than they listen to Hydro lectures).. I could feel their attention..

Then began the voting.. People took turns to write either ‘G’(for me) or ‘S’(for her).. Anticipation knew no bounds (and there was no salvage to the nails of my little finger..) it was then that I realized how badly I wanted to win.. a defeat by a distaff comrade seemed like a curse.. And sitting at the very last desk in those 10 minutes, I had just lived the most anxious 10 minutes of my life…

After 50 students, the proff called both of us and stated counting.. I remember the faces.. It will be like photographed in my mind for times to come… everybody was uptight.. the ambience of the room revealed thrill as the two boxers were hitting vote punches on each other… 1-0.. 1-1.. 2-1… 2-2.. lubb dupp.. lubb dupp..

The results were announced after that exhausting session…

I had won 29 votes to her 21…

Friday, August 15, 2008


Lemme tell you guys..(i) I don't share the common amnesty for English movies (didn't like The Dark Knight much)..(ii) Unlike some of my pals around, i love to criticize english movies more than the Desi stuff..(remember patriotism..??)..(iii) i don' get enamored by (generally stupid sounding) reviews of foreign films.. (iv)and never did i fancy a chance to write about any movie because of a simple reason.. there are just too many of them.. untill yesterday, when I laid my eyes upon this masterpiece...

well.. if you do some research, ONCE will be earmarked as a romantic musical drama.. but the movie crosses every definition of genres... at first you may raise doubts that whether it's a movie at all or just a handy-cam equipped director, shooting steet people from a range.. busy streets of Dublin have been acutely potrayed with background songs of a busker.. Glen Hansard plays the role of that busker.. there have been many movies in the past in which the actor lends his voice for some songs of the movie..(appun bola tu meri laila..). but here, the singer himself plays the role.. without revealing much about the storyline, all I can say is that this movie is "one-of-it's-kind" types.. the week-long story explores a person's hope, passion, compassion, emotions, romance and above all the love for MUSIC.. and yess.. there are full chances of a perspective clash.. some of them who joined me for this (a mere 85 minute runtime) movie quitted mid-way.. but the only term that comes to my mind to define them is "unfortunate"..
so.. clean up your minds and do watch this slow masterpiece.. I will be glad if i can convince even one of you..

and after watchig it.. if you do some researches..(only for vellas like moi).. you can find lines like::

"Bob Dylan was such a big fan of the film that he arranged to have the two leads, Glen Hansard and Marketa open for him on part of his world tour. Hansard and Irglová also covered Dylan's song "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" for the I'm not there..."
happy viewing..
this film went on to win the OSCAR.. watch this..::

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not another East side story...

The day before yesterday when i was standing by my open window, feeling the fresh raindrops on my cheeks and examining the algorithm of 'water logging' in New Delhi roads, suddenly my eyes fell upon the bus 165, which was unloading it's passengers... it's the bus which connects our anand vihar bus adda to Delhi College of Engineering.. though i avoid the bus journey(thnx to DMRC) but still it reminds me of college every time..and soon I realized my vacations were about to end.. I started recollecting the happenings of these not-so happening months..
The trip to Kolkata to attend Babinda's marriage gave my holidays a kickstart.. Seeing my brother (whome I've known since childhood) tying the knot with a lovely lady, pumped up the balloon of excitement in me... the entire shining ceremony of a typical Bengali marriage never fails to shape the polenta of astonishment.. that's when you start perceiving that the turn to get YOUR lovely lady isn't too far away..(yess.. i can never suppress my yen to get married!!.. i was in class three when i publicly announced the fact for the first time..)
Returning back.. I enrolled myself with Parsvnath Developers and worked on a glitterati titled project.. Mr. Mukesh, the project engineer under whose control i surrendered my (2 years) experienced civil engineering brain taught me some important on and off-field concepts of civil engineering and asked to love the branch GOD has chosen for me.. Though his words sounded philosophically buttering, but somewhere deep down the wise man was speaking logic..The 21 long days training came to an end in just a blink of an eye.. and for the first time I saw the working place of a civil engineer..
The next chapter was filled by my colonial cousins-- Sailesh, Ankur and Vedant.. Three of us used to land up at ankur's place to strum our guitars.. Though they termed it as their "guitar training" but i preferred calling it 'jamming'.. they unleashed the teacher within me and started taking lessons.. It became a nice unwinding process after a day-long-stay under the Sun and i gladly offered all my six-stringed knowledge to them.. they were quiet satisfied i guess..*though i didn't get any testimony.. :)
How could i forget the best thing that happened to me in this tenure... Thats BLOGGING.. I appreciate Animesh( his was the first blog i read) and Medhavin( 2nd,3rd,4th,,,,,) for bringing me to .blogspot.. Being a talkative boy.. I was blessed with the inability to write less.. Once my teacher commented "Thoughtful" on one of my articles and awarded me 6.5/10.. So I wasn't sure whether it was an accolade or a criticism.. But this so-called thoughtful writer got a nice place to garage his feelings nd perhaps for the first time someone outside his teacher-circle commented... it felt so nice to let the world know how he feels..
The rear parts of the vacation was spent either watching movies or planning reunion party with school friends..
Strange.. Strange as this seems to me.. just a week or two back i was dying to get back to the college.. dying to live in the hostels.. longing to be free once again... but as my stay at home is coming to an end, I'm not that avid anymore.. Those care-free snoozes till 10 in the morning.. The lovely morning tea served with my Mom's affection.. Dad's motivational discourses to rescue me from my regularly irregular studies.. the deliciously cooked meals.. the late night leg pullings of my online frnds.. I'm gonna miss all these there.. staying with the family has it's own benefits.. though I'll be just 2 hrs away from them but still.. and so mellifluously the babbling questions like.."whatcha doing these days??".. or "kaisi chal rhi hai training???".. changed to the likes of "so.. when are you coming??".. and.."when is the registration??..".. only as indicators of the bout-to-end vacations..
Though my body has grown two months old but the brain inside has changed a lot i guess(y not??.. m now a THIRD YEAR student.. such a heroic fact..) over these vacations.. My perspective has changed.. this shouldn't be misunderstood as boasting as I'm yet to judge the changes myself.. A tough year lies ahead and like last year,I have plans to get serious..

I got imbued by these thoughts for over an hour by my window.. The rain had stopped... The clouds had gone.. The new clear day was in the view.. such a welcoming sight..
open the gates DCE...
m coming..

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Saturnine introspect..!!

::a blatant confession::
the following content is an upshot of exposition to motivation provided by the likes of Rang De Basanti (thnx to my cable operator).. Swades.. Nayak.. and several others.. readers may have read similar babbling articles but the writer wishes to put forward his rendition...

Sometimes.. irascible topics cross my head and beset the poor inane brain of mine.. not only does it cross, but it intervenes with other germane thoughts as well... Everything that happens to me after that, just falls in the right place.. so as to concave all my sapient attention to the topic... now that i've started blogging (inspired by my sagacious friends), i hope my thoughts will find a nice dwelling place..

I remember in the days of my childhood.. when my elders or my teachers asked me about what i wanted to become in life, my reply was the most devious one... without scaling the weight of the question, quiet unknowingly i would declare..,
"i want to become a soldier!!.."
the fights, the battlegrounds, the guns and bombs.. they all used to lure me more than anything..
And then... quiet unknowingly this answer vanished one day.. The vacuous reply was succeeded by more shining and becoming ones..
And in the process the soldier in me died..

well.. now I am twenty years old... I call myself a part of this "white white orbit white" generation..I am at the genesis of my specialization and my country looks upon me as it's hope.. as it's future.. But am I really worth??.. Am i really the one who dares to change the rules.. who dares to swim against the tide??.. i get no answers..
Mr. Kennedy said, "Never ask what he country does for you.. but ask what can you do for the country".. and at present, I am nothing more than a noone to my motherland.. My life at present is as desultory as the boat with a lunatic captain.. i don't even know what I am doing.. a good pay pack.. a good score in the A,B,C.. ATs.. a nice sweet partner.. new clothes and apparels.. is all i care about at the moment.. The topper(no offence meant) of my batch wants to secure a government job for himself just to earn that extra under-table transaction.. My friends and seniors are stepping outside the country to enhance their skills but they never want to come back.. Will they ever come back??.. no answers again..
Though I am more than 18 years old, i don't even share the basic responsibility of voting for the right government.. all my basic amenities are supplied by the nation but deep down I know that I can't give my life for it.. i don't ever dream of becoming another DJ.. or another Mohan.. the valour in me is simply missing..and quiet blatanyly i have accepted that.. and I'll be lying if I say that I never dream of settling abroad like many of us.. So does that mean m not patriotic??.. does that mean m an irresponsible citizen??.. unanswered again..

All i know is that i feel on top of the world when India wins a cricket match.. i feel proud when I see the tricolor amongst the others in Olympics... i never hesitate to strum some open chords and dedicate songs to my motherland on Aug 15th.. I abstain from lying on 2nd October.. But is that it??.. are these the qualities of an ideal citizen??.. i stop questioning myself.. they all go in vain..

Friends.. It's always better to light one candle than to curse the darkness... these repercussions of the nationally-disturbed mind wants me to come up front and battle against our miseries.. the paralyzed political frame wants me to mend it.. the social evils wants me to eradicate themselves.. but m clueless bout helping them.. my brain defies my mind.. maybe say after 10 years when I read this blog I'll just give it a sarcastic grin.. but right now.. my thought needs to be recorded..
i wud like to end this never-ending conflict from where it all started...
few days back the newspaper read the following lines..

"the moment we start taking our freedom for granted.. we become our own slaves.."..

thank you..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


All the characters and places mentioned bear complete resemblence to their respective owners whether they are living or not non-living.. Parental discretion could be hazardous as the blog is solely meant for non-kidos.. Readers may find certain objectionable words to boost their vocabulary(of slangs) for which the writer needs no appreciation..

......DCE HOSTELS...


.. a story..about NO-thing..


"he must be asleep!!".. huffed P.C
"impossible!!".. said the other guy as he banged another hard kick to the mighty door which stood in front..
This attempt didn't go waste..
"kaun hai chu(beep)..(rather beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp)..." came the reply..
The voice carried a bag of emotions.. it was affirming as the speaker/shouter was quiet sure about his guests.. it was helpless because he knew that he just had to open the door..(the kickbag)..and had to publicize his very own privacy..and at last it was grating or howling because it had to match the quality of those Mara-dona kicks on his poor door..(already in bad shape)..
well... the emotional shouter was none other than the very famous..(rather scandalous) Khanna.. alias Ritesh Khanna.. BCH-127 his piece of land @DCE was haunted by two intruders and he couldn't do anything but open the door.. but he tried something of a scarecrow stuff!!..
A boy.. wearing a sleeveless (smelly) T.. a flowered nicker.. (or was it an underwear??..)..stood in front.. distorting his facial features to pose the worst possible look in his book..the wanna-be alien managed to ask..
those two gatecrashers didn't even bother to throw a glance at his efforts.. and entered the blessed room... actually none told him that his normal face was much more scarier.. so all his shots to contract his facial muscles went in vain..
The room... it was shambles top to bottom.. right from the dense spiderweb on top.. to the spilled pepsi on the floor.. every element in the room fought their best to fill the empty spaces.. it was khanna's way to evade visitors.. no space.. no more dwellers.. was his policy.. even the air greeted them to some mysterious gases, coming from some unknown poisonous source(s).. above all there were four more laughing faces inside..
Pulkit( shares the room)..Abuhasam( mmm..shares this room too!!..).. Ravi Shekhar(scares the room).. and Baba-alias Alind( tames the room).. it was friday night and all of them felt like brave warriors after defeating "Building Construction and Materials".. the next exam was on tuesday.. so it was Party-time...
P.C(bajaj..ved bajaj.. varun ved bajaj)..passed a comment in his unique way..
"it's really difficult to get inside khanna's room.. but once you get in,, it's very difficult to get out..".. the statement was followed by one of his special hypocritical grin..but alas it soon vanished..
the angry gatekeeper drenched him in his exquisite slang collection while bolting the door..and delivered 3-4 sentences through which he conveyed that how easy it was for him to get some1 like P.C out of the room..
P.C was unmoved.. it's been two years since khanna has been showering his best, newly-learnt, modern slangs on him.. he experiments with new ones and tries them on P.C to check the harshness.. P.C has got used to these like water.. he could almost sense their arrival..
Khanna's laptop was playing one of the "good" movies which was enough to glue the guests.. everyone except Mr. Pious abuhasam were sitting on khanna's cot to adore the scenes and pass comments which even the cannes critics dare to pass.. Clean guy got lucky and managed to find a BC PUNMIA- SURVEYING out of the pile and revised his concepts..
The new guests were warmly welcomed by the bed-holders and were offered seats.. "the duck tales show" was going on.. though everyone had seen it several times.. but still.. a revision was always greeted.. The show ended in 5 minutes.. Khanna switched off the laptop straightaway..hoping that this unfriendly gesture would be enuff to goodbye his visitors..
just then.. there were three back to back bangs on the door.. someone out there was in some hurry...
"kholl be...". it was narendra..better known as technical bak(beep)..
Baba opened the door to the 6 feet monster which just refilled it's well-like stomach with triple half-fry from the night mess.. and was jumping with excess energy which was reflected in his toothy smile..
"kitna padh liya be??.".. he asked baba..
well.. they all knew.. it was narendra's way to get charged up.. which he terms as.."complex lena".. during exams everytime he meets baba he fires the same question with an aim to get a mind-boggling reply like.."poora khatammm!!",.. or "sabb ho gaya".. and he follwoed that with his cursig-himself ritual.."damn..i haven't even started!!"..By this he used to pump up confidence in himself.. tough philosophical enginering indeed..
though unwillingly,, baba started counting the chapters..and fill confidence in that balloon..
soon after 10 minutes.. everyone in the room got busy with each other.. P.C dared to switch on the laptop.. "rock you like a hurricane" handled the sounds.. abu and pulkit started solving previous years problems as ravi watched..
IPL matches.. sania's T-shirt quote.. Narendra's chance of havin a girl-frnd and crying at the fate of that girl..abu's bike.. a plethora of topics crossed the discussion table..
the hour passed unnoticed.. they had stepped into the next day.. at around 12:15am, P.C reminded them of resuming studies.. He climbed up to the third floor with the other guy and waved goodbye after discussing the chords of "rock you like a hurricane".. they decided to meet at 3 to "fetch a pale of water"..
just as the other guy unlocked his door..someone uttered a word from inside.. it ws.
the syllabus booklet for which he went downstairs 2 hours ago, still lied on Pulkit's table.. he desperately needed it... so he decided to go back to the ground floor and reached 127..
"knock knock...!!..bang..."..
"kaun hai (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp)!!??.."..
another two hours??..
not- the- end
BCH-127.. the room which belonged to narendra in the first year became famous spot on.. after narendra, the legacy was passed on to khanna under whose reign the popularity reached unsurpassable heights and became a piece of jealousy to the ppl of other brances..he he.. enuff boasting..

in short.. it was a place where some of the dangerous minds of a gifted department came together.. my second year days were ornamented by this room.. only selected ppl dared to enter it.. but regular members had real fun.. once a student was quoted saying.."wish i was in civil too!!..".. such was the shine, such was the impact of the room..

a blog dedicated to this room was necessary.. firstly coz i neva want to delete the memories.. secondly it was the perfect "escape mechanism" i've ever had.. KFC tours.. Birthday bumps.. walk the "mtero walk"..goosebumps over horror movies..jumping in the College fests.. friday dhaba special.. everythig was planned here..
so.. this was the story about nothing.. wanna come over??..
you're welcome..


Friday, July 04, 2008


I don't remember the exact date... But it was in the month of may'06.. WBJEE was faced, coming up was DCE's CEE.. this story is bout a notoriously hot and irritatingly humid night.. I haven't disclosed this before.. neither to my friends (to avoid gettin bugged) nor parents (to avoid bugging them)..

so.. lemme explain the scene.. as i said it was super hot.. withstanding delhi summers is far more difficult than doing a nude rampwalk.. it's anything but comfortable.. it's a time when even your vests seem to be xtra clothing.. when the volume of water comin out of our pores is more than what goes in thru ur mouth.. without deviating more, lemme come to the point..

there i was.. sittin in front of the mighty table lamp (which lit my entire room).. the old philips radio playing songs of kishore kumar.. the cooler and the fan were busy in their "jugalbandi".. and yess.. the open math book by mr. suraj, inviting me to turn it's page (whn u r stuck in a problem nd it takes time.. even the book gets bored).. though my parents made all efforts to cool my 'hot' body.. but challenging all their endeavours, i was sweating like a pig.. they could easily have featured me in the advertisement of Voltas air conditioners..(suffering like him??.. use Voltas).. those days of preparations require a special mention.. in a special blog.. IITJEE was a mishap.. aiEEE was disaster... IP was unfaithful.. so doing well in DCE's CEE was time's call..(in which i flunked again).. but still.. finishing another round of drying myself with the poor 'rumaal'..(which was already wet).. i looked at my latest attempt to solve that monster of the problem.. as if some faiy wud come out of those solutions and guide me through... seriusly.. sometimes i wonder.. i will wake up someday.. and I'll get a pencil..a pencil which writes only correct things.. i just have to put my hand over it and show it the problem to be solved.. it will then write the correct solution on it's own.. aah these sweet dreams often get broken by my mom's shout to wake up..

but here i was not asleep.. i browsed my solution for a probable mistake for the last time and just as i turned the page to venture into another monster.. the light went off.. Ghaziabad Development Authority is most punctual in theses things i guess.. they shut the supply lines at twelve in the night.. they don't miss even single a chance to harass.. their punctuality is so worth that people here adjust thier watches with their timings of power cuts..(I mean if the light goes off in the night, ppl will adjust their watches to 12pm).. and you tend to forget about all the power shortages.. nd energy crisis.. nd everything else when it goes off.. the first thing u do is.. curse them.. coming back..

I sat there like a still body.. The operator lives in 14th floor.. he gets down and then switches on the generator.. so it takes time..( for which he neva escapes the slangs thrown silently)..

no movement.. no sound.. The room was alive till then.. there was this cooler-fan combo rhythm.. there was kishoreda.. there were vehichles in the bus adda which sounded like chirping birds.. but now... it was all silent.. no light.. no ears.. it was like two of my sense organs were not functioning.. I got off from the chair.. went to the balcony.. The Ganga apartment was like a dark mountain.. their guard didn't swich on their generator either.. i searched for the moon in the sky.. but it was nowhere to be seen.. The beautiful view from my balcony..seemed scary that night.. i felt uncomfortable inside and decided to come back in the room..

As i reached the balcony door, the strangest of feelings passed my nerves.. it seemed like something.. or somebody,.. was blocking my way inside the room.. it stood itself just at the entrance.. like a child who gets haunted by the "aahat" episodes, i shoot my hands in the air(probably to get it/him/her out of my way).. nd almost ran my way in..

huffing.. nd ctching my breath back..( dunno why..) i sat on my chair.. it was crazy.. it's only then that i realised that no sound was coming from the usually noisy bus adda.. it was completely dumb.. i didn't want to go to the window to check that out.. a howling moan from somewhere very far.. dogs crying.. evrything was like trying to scare my a** off.. my throat was dry.. but there was no water left in the bottle.. so i decided to walk to the kitchen to refill that.. it takes few steps to reach kitchen from my room.. and i cud hve walked that journey evn in no light.. but still quite surprisingly rather spookyly.. i struck against a wall.. this petrified me to the deepest bone.. i crawled my my way back and equipped myself with the lone weapon I had.. (every brahmin kid has).. i grabbed my sacred thread in my wrist.. and started chanting the gayatri mantra closing my eyes though it didn't make any difference as it was xtreme dark..(yeah.. i was downright religious too)..

After a few minutes my ears responded to some familiar sound.. the cooler and fan resumed their beats.. kishore kumar was succeeded by rang de basanti.. as I opened my eyes, the table lamp greeted me to light.. which I was dying to see.. Without moving a single piece, without producing the faintest frequency, I succumbed to my bed.. i remember i didn't even turn off the lamp.. the poor peice glowed the whole night.. mr. suraj had to see that same page for the entire night..

the morning came unnoticed.. as i woke up the next day, went to the balcony.. the beautiful view of the east delhi roof calmed me down.. there was the same old noisy buss adda.. I neva cursed it's noise after that night..

Friday, June 27, 2008


hey friends..
this world is a strange place to live in..
our desire to get more than what we've got has made us a master of all the species around...
so it's our goal to achieve more for the betterment of all..
so here goes this one right from my Grey matter to charge you up..(hope it does)...

..gang says,

"always remember... Even if you raise a 1000 storey building.. u can't avoid the fact that it's roof is the floor of the 1001st storey.."..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An eye Opener!!..

my summer training at the arthala construction site has reached it's final stage.. with only 3-4 days of minor work left, it's more like attending college lectures just for the sake of attendance..

but today a strange thing happened...

As my stay at the site was going to be short-lived, I wanted to explore every inch of it... Those places which I had never paddled as they had nothing to do with my project were like calling me at my every glance..Frankly I couldn't suppress my yen to visit them..

So when the site engineer asked me to take the day's final stroll around the site, i straightaway headed towards the carpentry area..

Huge blocks of wood were cut along their cleavage by the muscular blows, and later hammered to plates of ply.. but my interest lied ahead..

"jhuggis"-- the dwelling places of masons, laymen, workers had always caught my attention.. I always wondered where do they live.. those who erect handsome multi-storeyed lairs for all of us.. where and how do they live..??..
the answer lied a few steps away...

I saw the open gates of their "house".. and i couldn't control myself to enter into one of them.. clueless of what I was going to see inside..

There was a bed..(charpayi).. over it was sitting a middle aged man.. with a plastered right foot.. There was a child (or should I say a newborn) sleeping on his lap.. On the ground there were two more babies.. with a plate in front of them(empty).. Their mother was sitting nxt to them with another plate(not empty).. She landed a tight slap on one of those babies (the girl).. which was perhaps what she got when she asked for another roti.. she started crying.. her only statement of protest against her mother’s bash.. All these happened in a glimpse of an eye.. As I stood at their gate blocking the sunshine (the only source of light to the room) everyone looked at me.. The mother became a bit conscious (rather irritated) at the sudden advent of a foreigner.. The girl didn’t stop.. The man sitting on the bed tried to get up placing the baby aside (he mistook me for a site engineer).. I signaled him to sit down..

His name was Raghu.. while working on the B block on a rainy day, Raghu slipped off the scaffolding and broke his right leg.. Doctors had advised a bed rest for 6-months.. but in the hunt for food, he joined the work after 2 weeks.. only to injure his mighty right foot once again.. Now the doctors say that if he hurts that again, the leg has to be removed… which means that the only source of income of the family will get blocked (jst like I blocked their door)..

Raghu paused at the cry of his daughter..(poor girl, got another slap I guess..) his eyes were moist.. it’s only then that I realized that how much more painful were his tiny tear drops to his daughter’s loud cry..
He used to work 12 hours a day on the site.. and was paid Rs.70 each day.. with which he afforded three children.. Hoping that they will soon grow up and support the family.. and one day he’ll leave this jhuggi and settle somewhere outside.. outside this site area, where he’ll breathe fresh air every morning before going out to work..
“Lekin abhi kya karein saab??”..(but what will I do now??)..
“Inko fainkh bhi toh nahi sakte”..(I can’t throw them out)..
his innocent eyes full of grief against his own fate had engrossed me..

I was listening to his plans, his past life, his association with the “thekedaar” like I was listening to a story.. And I think that even he enjoyed having a patient listener beside..

I stood up as the phone rang..

It was Ma..
She enquired whether I had taken my lunch properly or not..
After answering to all her worries, I looked at the watch..
It showed 5:25.. (25 minutes over time!!)..
As I waved good bye to Raghu and his family, I saw his girl splashing water to her brother outside their jhuggi.. Her laughter filled the air outside.. I was glad to see her happy face..
As I counted my steps back to the exit gate, I recollected today’s breakfast when I threw a parantha away to save time.. a little peep into their open gate brought me face to face with one of the hardest truth.. and it was as draconian as the merciless hammer blow which penetrated the nail deep inside the smooth surface of wood..
After narrating the story to ma after my return, she said a simple sentence which summed up the events in a salutary fashion,

“chalo.. m assured that you’re learning something good out there..!!..”

I worked over time indeed!!..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Love!!..

it was around 2:15 in the night... our tired voices had given up.. enjoying the zephyr on my room balcony i said..
"I've written a poem.. on my first love.."
"waoww... why didn't you tell me before??.."
I was glad that this issue had recuperated her from the sleepy mode..
"sunaun kya??.." though i knew the answer, i asked..
"what are you waiting for??.. please sunao.." she had indeed recovered..
so i started unfolding that piece of paper which i had kept in my wallet..
There was a boy...only six years old
Two front tooth gone... so sweetly!!..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly..

Her smile so pure.. her look so fresh.
He wondered.. "is this an angel??"..
Her green eyes shone.. like two polished pearls..
This was the feeling.. He never felt..

He shared his lunch.. he shared his books..
Just begged.. for a sweet little smile..
Wanted to shout.. but didn't have the guts..
"O girl.. You are mine..!!.."

They grew older.. day by day..
same happened.. to his feelings..
Perfumes, Deos, Hair gels..
Tried everything to do a stealing..

Somewhere down there.. she also likes me...
That's.. the only hope he had..
Always in some act.. to impress her..
Friends... called him a mad!!..

Marking the days.. she had talked to him..
"she laughed".. "she sat beside".. even those too..
Though his feelings.. were to their fullest..
Neva spoke.. a word or two..

One thing.. he never ever noticed..
There were many others... who liked her..
She picked one up... from all those stars..
His angel.. With some other master??..

He cried a lott.. no tears in his eyes..
He still wore.. the mask of laughter..
Pulled himself away... from the girl 'o dreams..
But never tried.. to tell her..

Now he sits.. in a whole new world..
She own his "first love" credit...silly??..
Fell in love.. with a girl in his class..
Even though.. he couldn't spell it correctly!!..

"aahh.. she is a lucky girl.." was her first comment..

Anyways.. You guys..
We all fall in love.. rather rise in love.. I admit, in my school days, falling in love was like a process with a constant time period... Had a new crush every week.. Once i started thinking seriously,,
Bang!!.. there came another girl..
ell my tryst with girls was never too good.. But the first one.. the one with whom i started off this journey.. the journey of crushes.. needs a special mention.. Partly because she has taught me to loose.. loosing something precious.. (which has made me stronger)..
And partly because.. somewhere in the mines of my
heart, i still adore her as i used to..
is one's for you DEAR..